In the beginning, when horses have issues, we recommend feeding GrazeEzy and Alleviate C in combination.   In simple terms, Alleviate C  is designed to address the “grass affected” issues we see when our horses’ mineral profile is unbalanced. When this happens, horses tend to have a high urine pH.

When the issues are truly diet-related, we see a rapid improvement. This is why we feed Alleviate C at a high level for 5 to 10 days and then can reduce it to a much lower maintenance amount.   The exceptions to this are normally acute lamintics and headshakers.  Often, very these highly compromised horses benefit from higher levels of Alleviate C for longer – that is, until the issues subside.




My horses have been on the Calm Healthy Horses regime for a long time.  In my case, the track set-up I use means that I do not see ‘grass affected’ issues.  I  manage the challenge of the grass they do have access to by regularly feeding GrazeEzy.


This means that I would not feed very much Alleviate C and tend use it from time to time for certain situations: 

1.  During periods of travelling, competition and stenouous training,  I add Alleviate C to the bucket the day before at the loading rate and continue to feed at this level for a day day post-event.  I then reduce the amount to the maintenance level for three to four days.

Doing this supports my horses, so they are better able to cope with the stress of traveling and the physical demands of competition and training. This also means that they can do their very best for me at the event.

2.  In Spring and late Autumn when the grass is challenging I increase the level of GrazeEzy in the bucket to 40gms per day.  I also include Alleviate C at the maintenance level. Since my horses do not have visible issues, I do not need to feed a loading level first.


GrazeEzy and Alleviate C work in combination with their daily salt to ensure that my horses do not become compromised.

As a result problems of footyness, abscesses, and tightness in the large muscle groups – which were the main problems my horses experienced before I adopted the Calm Healthy Horses protocols – have disappeared.