CalmHealthyHorses products are not ‘fix-it’ products.

We need to look at the whole picture – everything your horse is eating.  What kind of grass is he is on?  What sort of hay, hard feeds and supplements? 

CalmHealthyHorses supplements are made from the highest quality vitamins & minerals. Many of these are in their organic and most bio-available forms.

Premium MVA

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Premium MVA Horse Minerals compensate for the lack of natural plant species and variety in the diet experienced by the domestic horse. It addresses the often poor levels of important vitamins, minerals and amino acids that our horses experience when living on a diet of UK grazing or hay. Premium MVA is designed to supply the essential nutrients that are not present or well- balanced in our normal forage. Premium MVA is a complete Broad Spectrum Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. It is not a ‘balancer’ as such because it provides more than just the very basics and essentials. This means your horse’s metabolism has all the nutritents it needs at its disposal in formats that are easily and highly absorbable.

Preimum MVA brings the same high-quality vitamin and minerals as our Preimum Mineral & Vitamin Broad Spectrum Supplement but it also brings  the most important amino acids for healing and health.

So, in addition to the benefits of Premium, Premium MVA provides a source of high-quality protein, sourced from human-grade rice bran that is fortified with Lysine, Methionine, Taurine and Threonine

Good-quality protein is vital for horses that are growing, healing, working hard and older horses who can find it difficult to fully metabolise protein from the basic forage diet.   For these horses – particularly those living on a hay only diet and especially when hay is being soaked – a source of good protein is essential.

Horses that lack top-line in spite of good training; have ‘hay bellies’, poor feet or a dull coat inspite of a generally well- balanced diet, are most likely to be in need of the quality protein, vitamins and minerals that Premium MVA provides.

Ship Shape

Shipshape is a fortified amino acid supplement designed for horses that have suffered or likely to suffer a nutritional setback in response to specific circumstances.

It provides high levels of essential amino acids – i.e. quality protiens that are often needed to support horses recovering from severe grass-affected issues.

Shipshape also provides a seasonal boost to sport horses, older horses and hard keepers who might otherwise lose topline and become weaker and poorer as a result.

Shipshape is designed to be fed alongside our Premium or Premium MVA vitamins and mineral supplements and as part of the basic bucket we advocate.  It is very paletable and will usually tempt fussy eaters to eat up.

For a 500kg horse, 2kg of Shipshape will provide a basic course and useful boost when used strategically.   Smaller ponies will need a 1kg pack for same period.  Horses or ponies that have experienced a serious setback may require a longer course. In these cases, a 4kg pack  is recommended

Alleviate C

For Grass-Affected Horses:  Feed at loading level initially alongside GrazEzy, while GrazEzy is built up to tolerance and/or the urine PH is above its normal level (7).  Alleviate C can bring immediate releif and reduce the symptoms associated with Grass Affected horses.  Use the Healthcheck on the site to identify all your horse’s issues. Complete the Healthcheck at regular intervals to monitor his progress and use this information to work out the individual needs of your horse or pony.   You should not need to continually feed high levels of Alleviate C if your basic forage is appropriate to your horses needs, although larger chronically Grass Affected horses can need  decent levels of Alleviate C for up to a month for sustainable results.

For Grass Affected horses or ponies, it is best to start with a 4kg pack of GrazEzy and 2kg pack of Alleivate C. This will last most animals approximately 6 to 8 weeks.  It is also important to follow our other management protocols:  ad lib hay, nil or very careful access to grass, a simple bucket (2 x per day) of: plain chaff, micronised linseed, salt, Premium MVA and copra if needed.

Alleviate C can be syringed by mouth when mixed with a small amount of water, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of Alleviate C.  For acute laminitics, where hay is also soaked for approximately 1 hour and a bucket feed is not appropriate, we recommend that this is done several times per day with a fraction of the daily Premium MVA requirement.

For sport horses on a good basic diet Alleviate C is also helpful to maintain muscle and nervous system functions during routine but potentially stressful activities e.g. intense training, competing or travelling.

A lack of Magnesium and Calcium will cause a horse to exhibit signs of stress at a far lower threshold than one who is not lacking in these important minerals. Magnesium and Calcium contribute towards correct nerve & muscle function, including the internal ‘smooth’ muscle of the heart and arterial circulation, the airways and the digestive tract.

It needs to be understood that we are not advocating Alleviate C to make the horse better than normal, or to make him calm or sedated. We are simply aiming to provide key nutrients that at times fall short of the level a horse requires to function normally. When the horse’s need for these minerals is regulary met, any horse is ready to  cope with domestic life and perform to his full genetic potential.

Alleviate C UK is a blend of highly absorbable and effective forms of Magnesium and Calcium with their essential co-factors.



For horses on limitied grass and Grass Affected horses.

All forage is high in potassium and nitrates compared to a horse’s daily requirement. Horses are equipped to excrete the excess which normally functioning horses do successfully. However, due to our soils, weather, grass types, grass management and general use of grazing paddocks, the grass that domestic horses are consuming is often stressed.  This means that the grass is trying to grow to reach maturity but this cannot happen because it has been eaten well before it reaches an appropriate stage of growth.   Potassium is a vital mineral for plant growth and so plants absorb potassium which is abundant in the soil during early stages of growth.  This is why stressed grass becomes high in potassium. The plant is constantly struggling to grow and so the potassium quickly builds up, resulting in potassium spikes.

In the wild, horses might be exposed to potassium spikes a few times per year. However, horses grazing a ‘green carpet’ all year round, whether short and over-grazed or too lush – as in the spring or late autum – are subjected to a permanent imbalance.

Horses exposed to unsuitable forage and grazing tend to have a high urine PH as a result of excessive potassium.   Feeding Salt helps to correct this but when the horse becomes truely Grass Affected, then extra help is needed to bring and keep the PH back to normal (7).

GrazEzy is a blend of minerals that provides buffers to offset the potassium imbalances and enable the horse to function as it should.  This will bring the PH back to normal (7) and when consistently at this level, Grass Affected issues normally cease.  Note that the quality of the forage is key. Horses that are not constantly exposed to stressed unsuitable grasses can be well managed on grass with GrazEzy as and when needed.   However, in our experience, grass-free options are normally vital for the maintainance of good health,  a stable, a dry-lot (Equicentral System) or – as we prefer – a grass-free Paddock Paradise Track.    If you struggle to keep your horse at normal pH (7) when at grass and using GrazEzy, then a grass-free option with more good  hay is usually the best answer.

Download our Guidelines for a well fed horse


UK domestic horses are unable to roam in their natural environment – vast semi-desert, higher altitude places where they can browse upon many different grasses, bushes and trees local to these areas.  This meansthat they do not get access to the range of nutrients they require for health and well being. This is why we need to provide essential vitamins and minerals on a regular basis to ensure optium health over a long life. Our forage, hay and grass grown in UK soils and climate cannot provide the range of nutrition that is available in nature.

Premium UK/ Euro Horse Minerals compensates for the lack of natural plant species and variety in the diet experienced by the domestic horse.  It addresses the often poor levels of important vitamins and minerals that our horses experience when living on a diet of UK grazing or hay.   It is designed to  supply the essential nutrients that are not present or well-balanced in our normal forage.  Premium UK is a complete Broad Spectrum Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. It is not a ‘balancer’ as such, because it provides more than just the very basics and essentials.   This means your horses metabolism has all the nutritents it needs at its disposal in formats that are easily and highly absorbable.

Premium UK/Euro Horse Minerals is a high spec, complete and balanced blend of vitamins and minerals prepared to complement a forage based diet. It is designed to be fed in the daily bucket alongside plain feeds: chaff, linseed meal, copra and salt.  This regime feeds the whole horse. Therefore, there should be no need for additional targeted (hoof, coat, joint) products.

Benefits include:

  • Strong healthy hooves
  • True coat colour
  • Compliments ad lib hay alongside an economical plain feeds

Includes 100% organic selenium, copper, zinc, iron,chromium and sulphur (MSM) plus all vitamins including B vitamins.

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