Welcome to Calm Healthy Horses UK.

This is the UK area of the New Zealand-based Calm Healthy Horses Site. It is here to help you find out even more about the problems with grass and how you can use your knowledge to help your horses to become calmer, healthier and more enjoyable to share time with.

Our main NZ website is packed full of useful information that Jenny has collected over the years. Jenny is a real problem solver. Though her dedication to finding out why some horses are so reactive when out at grass and working in partnership with hundreds of horse owners – Jenny has been joining the dots to highlight some basic feeding protocols with some supportive products that can help you identify and address the many issues faced by grass affected horses.

Interest from the UK in the NZ site has been phenomenal. This is because highly fertile soils, cool season grasses and warm wet weather over the summer (and sometimes winter !!) are producing very unhealthy and unbalanced pastures in many areas of the UK. Not surprisingly, laminitis, erratic behaviour, allergies, skin, muscle sensitivities and many more diet-related issues are on the increase.

As owners, we want to do the best that we can for our horses. Sometimes this means adding something to their environment but equally it is often about taking things away too. Remember You will need to work out the right balance for your horse, they are all different and we often see very grass affected horses living alongside others who do not appear so.

Though this site we aim to bring UK focused case studies, even more dietary information and access to the Calm Healthy Horses products for UK owners.