Before I realised that my horses were eating an inappropriate diet, I believed that everything could be fixed by training – unless the horse had a clinical issue which of course needed my vet and expensive medication.

Back then, I spent most of my time worrying about clinical issues that might be developing and trying to ride the horses relentlessly to keep them fit and healthy.   I also spent a lot of time using lotions and potions that were needed to prevent mud fever, sunburn, crumbly hoofs, runny eyes, minor wounds, fly issues and other general illnesses that I thought were just part and parcel of owning horses.

Often now, when I am out competing, I see others following this same routine.  Everything is either a training issue or a pain issue.  The horse is a fragile animal that is prone to breaking down unless it is constantly protected and worked on by humans.  Training must be constant or the horse will become eternally frightened of anything unfamiliar.

On my journey to getting the diet right, I learned about a whole new world where the horse is robust, playful and loves learning. Training is something we can choose to do together when we want to learn something new. Instead of fixing bumps and sores I have invested in training to improve posture and suppleness.  As a result, both the horses and I are much fitter and healthier, plus our stress-levels have subsided.   Ironically, I now do more competing with my horses and they are working at higher levels than before. Even more important, we are having fun.

Often when we first start to question how we feed our horses, it’s because we’ve hit a problem that hasn’t been fixed by training or clinical medications.  At that point we tend to focus on what else we can give to  ‘fix’ the problem.

Using Calm Healthy Horses products and following our dietary protocols can substantially improve the situation. However, long-term success lies in recognising all the things in your horse’s environment that are adding to your problem and realising that if you can change these to better suit the horse, you will not only fix problems –  you will find a whole new way of working with your horse.

Training a Calm Healthy Horse is a true pleasure. For most of us, building a relationship based on trust and working together so that we can enjoy ridden and non-ridden activities is why we engage in horse ownership.

Get the diet and management right so your training can produce the horse of your dreams.