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Premium MVA Horse Minerals compensate for the lack of natural plant species and variety in the diet experienced by the domestic horse. It addresses the often poor levels of important vitamins, minerals and amino acids that our horses experience when living on a diet of UK grazing or hay. Premium MVA is designed to supply the essential nutrients that are not present or well- balanced in our normal forage. Premium MVA is a complete Broad Spectrum Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. It is not a ‘balancer’ as such because it provides more than just the very basics and essentials. This means your horse’s metabolism has all the nutritents it needs at its disposal in formats that are easily and highly absorbable.

Premium MVA is fed at 20gm per 100kg body weight, eg. 100gm per day for 500kg horse.

Typical Analysis Minerals & Vitamins Elemental level/100gms Elemental level/kg
Calcium (chelated and non-chelated) 7.4gms 74.12gms
Phosphorus 2.06gms 20.64gms
Magnesium  3.5gms 35.2gms
Sodium 2.0gms 20.28gms
Chloride 3.1gms 31.2gms
Zinc (chelated) 1008mgs 10,080mgs
Copper (chelated) 330mgs 3,300mgs
Manganese (chelated) 252mgs 2,520mgs
MSM 8,000mgs 80,000mgs
Cobalt 4mgs 40mgs
Selenium (chelated) 1.4mgs 14mgs
Iodine 19.2mgs 192mgs
Silicon 400mgs 4,000mgs
Biotin 15.2mgs 152mgs
Folic Acid 11.6mgs 116mgs
Vitamin A 80,000iu 800,000 iu
Vitamin D3 17,000iu 170,000iu
Vitamin E 3200mgs 32000mgs
Vitamin K3 32mgs 320mgs
Vitamin B1 1058mgs 10584mgs
Vitamin B2 131.2mgs 1,312mgs
Vitamin B5 168.6mgs 1,686mgs
Vitamin B6 184.3mgs 1,843mgs
Vitamin B12 1.2mgs 12mgs
Niacin 568mgs 5684mgs
Vitamin C 1,960mgs 19,600mgs
Choline 6,000mgs 60,000mgs
Amino Acids Elemental level/100gms Elemental level/kg
Arginine 650mgs 6,500mgs
Alanine 487.8mgs 4,878mgs
Aspartic Acid 719.4mgs 7,194mgs
Cystine 173.3mgs 1,733mgs
Glutamic Acid 1435.4mgs 14,354mgs
Glycine 362.8mgs 3,628mgs
Histadine 180.7mgs 1,807mgs
Isoleucine 359.7mgs 3,597mgs
Leucine 2,419.2mgs 24,192mgs
Lysine 10,638mgs 106,380mgs
Methionine 3,682mgs 36,820mgs
Phenylalanene 437.9mgs 4,379mgs
Proline 378.4mgs 3,784mgs
Serine 403.5mgs 4,035mgs
Threonine 1,960mgs 19,600mgs
Tyrosine 659mgs 6,590mgs
Valine 475.4mgs 4,754mgs

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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