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Recommended alternative options to this product are Alleviate C fed at hight levels for 14 -28 days or until issues improve for very acute cases a course of Alleviate Gold for 14days followed by Alleviate C until issues improve.   Please contact me on if you need any further information or clarification on best options.


AlleviateC SOS

For horses and ponies with acute grass affected issues (see the health checklist). The best results have been observed when we use Alleviate C SOS in conjunction with our other recommended diet adjustments:  remove the horse from ALL grass, soak hay and initially feed Alleviate C SOS and Salt multiple times per day until he is back to normal. 

In these circumstances the aim is to lower potassium, nitrate and sugar intake by immediately removing from the horse’s diet: short, green, growing grass, legumes like clover and lucerne, soy-based feeds and protein meals, molassed feeds.  Whilst doing this also ensure that wider nutrition is available by supplementing with Premium MVA, this ensures that the horse or pony is accessing important vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are lost when hay is soaked.

GrazEzy and Alleviate C can then be introduced to support the long term management of sensitive animals once they are back to normal.   Note that there is no need to use the loading rate for Alleviate C when horses and ponies have previously been fed Alleviate C SOS.

Ingredients:Contains a proprietary blend of chelated magnesium, chelated and non-chelated calcium with essential co-factors, phosphorous and Vitamin D.

There is no set feeding amount, we recommend that AlleviateC SOS is initially feed at a high level for  1 week, then review and adjust according to the response and need of the horse or pony.  To establish the indiviual requirements  the following levels are provided as a guide for the first week:

Ponies 20gms 6x per day

Horses 25gms 6x per day

Large horses 25gms 10x per day.

One level measure from the pot provided = approximately 50gms.

AlleivateC SOS is most effective if fed multiple times per day when horses or ponies have displaying accute issues.   AlleviateC SOS can be dissolved in water and syringed orally with salt and a % of the daily vitamin and mineral supplement  if required. Many horses and ponies find it easy to take the supplement this way plus this method avoids the need to provide unecessary bucket feeds.   A 60ml worming syringe is required to do this which is not provided with the product.


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