Alleviate Gold 500gm




Alleviate Gold 

For compromised horses and ponies that in spite of good management, a hay based diet and a supply of daily vitamins, minerals and amino acids continue to struggle either regularly or from time to time with issues such as poor appetite,  weakness (particularly in major muscles such as hind quarters and sacroiliac areas)  ill thrift,  diarrhea and nerve inflammation (eg. aggressive to groom, headshaking)

Best results have been observed when we use Alleviate Gold  in conjunction with our other recommended diet adjustments:  managed access to grass , ad lib hay and a simple bucket feed containing a plain chaff, salt, linseed, and Premium / Premium MVA.  Alleviate Gold can be fed alongside standard Alleviate C or Alleviate C SOS and GrazeEzy to support the management of grass affected horses or ponies. 

Ingredients: Contains a proprietary blend of chelated magnesium, chelated calcium, L-Threonine, vitamins B12, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9.

We suggest that horses or ponies are provided a 4 week course of Alleviate Gold in addition to their usual daily supplements. 


Feed Rate:  5gm per 100kg body weight.   

A 500gm pack lasts a 500kg horse 20 days which is sufficent as a short course



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